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Content and social go hand in hand.

Getting them in synergy is simple but insanely effective. Just post regularly. Interact daily - hourly! Focus on engaging content and creating conversation. Your followers are people - they’re potential customers and you have their fleeting attention.


High end imagery makes Instagram stories pop


Stories are an integral part of the Instagram experience and are arguably now where most eyeballs are, from where most interaction is created, and - from our experience - where people expect and hope to find fresh and well considered content.


Social BASICS ⚡️

Hard work!
Regular posting
Quality and varied posts

A story ‘live’ at all times (insta)
Tagging, and being tagged
Interaction (!!)
Making use of all platform features


Social media is just a slang term for the current state of the internet. It’s a loose explanation of where ‘attention’ currently is. We’re just as excited about creating the content in-house as we are about mucking in and working with you for a period after to help put in place a set of social ‘best practices’, action plans, helping with user interaction and seeing the start of ‘social momentum’ building as a result of that content!


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